Pressure Washing Through Time And Attitude: Separating The Pros From The Hacks.

Sometimes, it’s a learned behavior for small business owners.  Sometimes, they’re simply desperate for success or jealous of the success of their competition.  Really, I think it’s simply the inherent nature of some people.  There is a palatable “air” about some small business owners and it seems to be more prevalent in trade industries such as pressure washing.  I am referring to a particular attitude that some owners adopt where their mindset is focused so heavily on the destruction of the competition that they lose sight of what their own strengths and weaknesses are.  Unfortunately, this negative attitude can permeate every aspect of their business leading to a decrease in volume, profit, and general happiness.  Of course, this problem leads to having much more time on their hands, which results in more time to be destructive to their competition.  It’s a sad cycle that inevitably damages the industry of which they are a part.


            In my experience as the owner of a pressure washing company, I have chosen to embrace those that I consider my competition.  I learn from them, I take from them, and I share with them.  Who is better qualified to understand what goes on in my life than a fellow pressure washing company owner from the same geographical region?  I have borrowed equipment, shared jobs, referred those that specialize in areas we don’t, and have gained invaluable knowledge.  This kind of symbiotic relationship spurs growth within the pressure washing industry, ultimately resulting in more profit for everyone.  It’s why my company belongs to professional organizations like the PWNC and HBN and supports other pressure washing companies that give something positive back to their peers.


            Alternatively, there are those that just don’t get it.  They waste their time on smear campaigns, bad mouthing, or simply sabotaging the true professionals in their area.  They obviously underestimate the knowledge of their customer base as today’s consumers are very intelligent and can thankfully see the clouds through the trees.  This has never been more evident than in our growing base of customers that have migrated to our company from rivals that spend more time bashing and less time washing.  The most important thing for successful, professional companies to do is to simply ignore the hacks.  They’re a dime a dozen because it’s easy to trash other companies.  It’s easy to judge others without knowing who they are.  It’s easy to be negative.  This pattern of doing what’s easy usually translates into the quality of their work as cutting corners becomes their corporate culture, thereby defining them as the hacks they are.


Time is a commodity in the pressure washing business.  There are only so many hours in a day…spend them building your own business, not trying to tear down others.  Those that “get it” reap the benefits of a healthy, successful, profitable business that is fun to be a part of.  Those that don’t get it are destined to be frustrated, bitter, and unsuccessful.  I don’t find myself angry with those that don’t get it.  I have pity for them as they don’t know what they’re missing.  I’m sure people like this can be found in every industry, but in my industry it’s all about knowing when to reduce pressure, how to handle pressure, and where to apply pressure.  And only a successful professional with a great attitude and no time for the hacks knows how to do that.



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4 Responses

  1. John,

    While I agree with your point in theory it is much more difficult in practice. Often I am going head to head with another company that does not have specialized knowledge in my particular field.

    I have learned from my competitiors as well but when competing in a direct bid situation I need to distinguish DTagrs as the graffiti removal pros.

    How then can I illustrate the difference without seeming to “trashtalk” the hacks or other professional companies?

    Ultimately I think I do OK but if you have any specific techniques to improve my success I’m all ears.

    • First, let me say that if you’re a Canucks fan, I can’t help you…LOL…I’m just kidding (I’m a die hard Ranger Fan). Yes, it IS difficult to deal with. That being said, the best advice I can give you when speaking with customers is to always maintain your professionalism. Personally, I never trash talk another company. I stress our strengths heavily. I explain the benefits of what my company has to offer. If you don’t have unique properties that set you apart from your competition, get some. Find what it is that you do differently (or better) and expose your competition by stressing these unique qualities. I often have customers that bash competitors and I will go as far as complimenting their businesses, explaining that maybe they simply had a bad day when your their service was performed. This kind of approach makes you the professional and customers respect and appreciate that. In the long run it will gain you more business and you will be viewed as the industry leader based solely on your professionalism. Thanks for your comment…I hope you enjoy the blog!

  2. I do enjoy the blog and considering you have the Canucks ex-Captain on the Rangers roster I can’t blame you for being a fan!!

  3. We have always found it best to focus on why we were called by the consumer. When people call you, they are considering purchasing your service and they are interested in your company. If you spend your time focusing on your competition they might consider them too. If you focus on how you can help them, you are more professional in your presentation. We don’t worry about our competition too much, we focus on how best to serve our clientele.


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