“Screen” Your Charlotte Area Pressure Washing Contractors


Screen damage

These days, many folks are finding themselves out of work, starting second careers, and running side businesses.  Unfortunately, pressure washing is generally a low cost start up company for many unqualified contractors looking for extra cash.  Many times they cause damage on the homes of unsuspecting homeowners looking to save money by hiring the “cheap” companies that are using household bleach and improper equipment/techniques on their customers homes.  There are ways, however, that consumers can protect themselves from having their largest investment destroyed for the sake of saving a hundred dollars.

First and foremost, ask your pressure washing contractor for proof of insurance.  Any respectable business will be able to provide proof of insurance quickly.  You also want to ask the contractor if they will be using low pressure techniques on your home.  Many still subscribe to the “old school” methods of blasting your home with high pressure, all the while destroying your vinyl, breaking your window seals, and ruining your screens.  Generally, these companies will market themselves as “chemical free” companies.  This, of course, is very appealling in today’s green world but it is not realistic.  They get the benefit of appearing “green” and not having costs for professional grade cleansers, so they are able to offer “$99” house washes.  In reality, cleansers are essential as mold and mildew needs to be killed and removed safely…not blown off your house only to leave roots behind that will sprout new mold and mildew within weeks.  Professional grade cleansers are designed to be safe, effective, and environmentally friendly when used properly.

Screen damage - bottom right

When speaking with your pressure washing contractor, ask for referrals!  They should have customer testimonials, customers in your area, and maybe even customers on your block that can give you information on what to expect from your service.  In summary, three things to ask your pressure washing contractor can help save you hundreds or thousands in damage to your home…insurance, pressure washing methods/equipment, and referrals.  Keep in mind that the cheapest contractor is usually cheap for a reason.

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Pressure Washing Charlotte With Environmental Certification

Charlotte, NC – Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc. has taken another step towards maintaining their status as a leader in the Charlotte area pressure washing industry by gaining an Environmental Cleaning Certification from Alliance Trade Education Services.  The certification was earned by completing a course and examination on environmental pressure cleaning techniques.

This latest certification, coupled with their state of the art, closed-loop reclamation cleaning system and technique, gives Charlotte and all surrounding cities an option for a “green” pressure washing company.  Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc. has adopted the Clean Water Act’s “nothing down the drain, but rain” philosophy.  Not only do their methods help keep the environment clean, but it keep residential and commercial property owners from facing government imposed fines for improper washing techniques.

Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc. also offers customers an automated option of requesting a free estimate directly from their website.  Visit www.camelotpressurewashing.com for a free estimate today or become a fan of Camelot’s Facebook page for specials, discounts, and random drawings.

Pressure Washing Charlotte to Boost the Area Economy


During these difficult economic times many Charlotte area residents have witnessed friends and family losing jobs, losing their homes, and suffering through some tough times.  Our company, while fortunate in many ways, has also seen its share of customers with a real need to have their homes cleaned of mold and mildew that is threatening their health and safety.  Unfortunately, many cannot afford to have services like these as they have been hit hard by the current status of our economy.

In the spirit of giving back to our community, Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc. has launched a “Dirty House Contest” in the Charlotte Metro area where participants can send a picture of their home along with an explanation of why they should win the contest.  Photos and comments will be judged by management and one lucky winner will receive a FREE house wash!

Camelot has also launched a series of “giveaways” on their Facebook page to help fans win prizes.  These prizes include Visa gift cards and gift certificates for many local businesses.  It is our way of trying to stimulate the local economy and reward our fans for supporting Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc.

Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc. has also posted a website dedicated to this cause.  Visit www.DirtyHouseContest.com for contest rules and regulations.  Please spread the word to anyone that may benefit from our generosity.  Sometimes, just having a clean environment or winning a small prize can boost someone’s spirits.

The Truth About Pressure Washing Gutters

Look at the black streaks on this gutter!

Look at the black streaks on this gutter!

Look at the beautiful, safe results from Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc.

Look at the beautiful, safe results from Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc.

Pressure washing is just like any other service industry.  On one hand, you have professional pressure washing companies that educate themselves and their customers on a consistent basis, striving to learn more about their profession each day.  On the other you have contractors that know just enough to be dangerous to not only themselves, but their customers.  This is the case when dealing with gutters on your home.

Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc. and other professional pressure washing companies use proper professional grade cleansers that eliminate black streaks on gutters and do not cause damage to the paint on them.  We have come across several instances where competitors are telling customers that cleaning their gutters will destroy the paint.  This is simply not true if the contractor is using the correct cleansers and techniques to do the job right.  Our belief is that many contractors don’t want to spend the time it takes to get the job done right, or they do not want the expense of purchasing high grade cleansers when they can simply miseducate the public and skip the process.

In short, the active ingredient in the cleanser that Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc. uses for gutters attacks the oxidation layer of paint on the gutter that contains the black streaks.  This oxidation is removed, along with the streaks, leaving a beautiful, white gutter.  Camelot offers this service at no extra cost to customers that purchase a whole house wash service!  Don’t be mislead by contractors who are giving false information to avoid having to work.  Often, these are landscapers, handymen, and painters that don’t know the products and how they react with various surfaces.  If you want the job done right, call a professional that specializes in what you are trying to achieve.  Go to our Facebook page for more information about pressure washing Charlotte and become a fan to receive special discounts and prizes!

Pressure Washing Charlotte With LOW Pressure

            What exactly does it mean when a pressure washing contractor claims to use “low pressure” cleaning methods?  Low pressure cleaning techniques are vital to maintaining the appearance of your home or business.  A low pressure technique involves using low PSI (pounds per square inch) for the application of appropriate cleansers for the surface being cleaned.  The surface is then washed and rinsed using high GPM (gallons per minute) equipment. 

            Quality pressure washing contractors using this method need to be educated about the cleansers they are using and what effect they have on the surface being cleaned.  Low pressure techniques are most effective because they greatly reduce damage to property when performed correctly.  Using too many PSI on the wrong surface can cause irreparable damage to decks, concrete, and all forms of siding.

            Unfortunately for unsuspecting home owners and business owners, high pressure contractors are generally a bargain.  Their lack of overhead keeps their pricing down, and by the time the customer realizes there is long term damage to their property, the contractor is out of business.  Ask your pressure washing contractor what their cleaning methods are before you hire them.


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How To Choose Your Charlotte Area Pressure Washing Contractor.

            For many home owners and business owners, choosing a pressure washing contractor comes down to one important factor: cost.  While cost is certainly a factor in this shaky economy, it is a grave error if one doesn’t consider the long term cost of hiring the wrong contractor versus the benefit of short term price.  Pricing, along with other factors, should guide customers in making an educated decision about which company to hire for their pressure washing needs.

Finding a pressure washing contractor begins with the ones closest to you.  Ask friends and family members for recommendations.  People that have had good experiences with a contractor are eager to tell others about their experience.  The internet is an excellent tool for researching pressure washing contractors.  You want to look for companies with professional websites that offer pertinent information about the industry.  Companies that write industry related articles, belong to professional trade organizations and offer educational resources for their customers are good signs of a professional company.  Avoid companies that bash competitors or have poor website content.  Research individual companies by looking for customer testimonials, or pictures and videos of their work. 

Try and find pressure washing companies that offer free estimates, and invite them to give a quote on services.  With the exception of unusual circumstances, a pressure washing contractor should always perform a site visit to give an accurate quote.  Quality contractors are uniformed or have visible company logos that identify them as who they claim to be.  Ask the contractor a series of questions about their company, techniques, and expectations.  Pressure washing contractors should have liability insurance, business licenses, and appropriate permissions in the event of drought conditions or other local water issues.

The contractor should provide a professional, detailed quote of services to be performed.  A common trap that customers fall into is to base their final decision on price.  Due to relatively low start up costs and false perception of how to wash surfaces properly, the pressure washing industry breeds many “part time” companies or companies that offer “add-on” pressure washing services like landscapers, painters, or handyman services.  These companies often use improper “high pressure” washing techniques that cause long term damage to siding (forcing water behind vinyl and brick), concrete (etching due to high pressure), and decks (shredding deck surfaces with too much pressure).  Their prices, however, are typically low because they don’t spend money on proper machinery, professional cleansers, or in some cases insurance.

As with any contractor, the term “caveat emptor” (let the buyer beware) is applicable.  After considering recommendations from friends and family, researching them on the internet, evaluating their professionalism, and determining their professional value, one should be armed with enough information to make an educated decision.  In the end, consumers need to feel good about how much value they got for their money, both short term and long term.



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