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Receiving your free pressure washing estimate for your home or business has never been easier!  Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc. has created an image that you can scan with your smartphone and get a free estimate instantly!  As a leader in the Charlotte pressure washing industry, Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc. is always developing new ways for their customers to get free estimates for their pressure washing needs.  Simply scan the image with your phone and complete the form.  You’ll have a pressure washing estimate within 24 hours!  Also, visit our Facebook page for specials!


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Pressure Washing Charlotte Homes and Commercial Property Lands Camelot National Recognition.

Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc. has been pressure washing Charlotte area homes and businesses for several years.  During the drought of 2008, we took actions to secure the longevity of our company, ensure that our customers were receiving the highest quality service, and make sure that we were environmentally responsible.  Our ongoing efforts gained us some national attention this past week, when we were featured in an article in The Cleaner Times Magazine entitled “Surviving The Drought:  A Tale Of Two Companies”, by Allison Hester.   

 Our goal has always been to provide our customers with an extremely high level of customer service and quality pressure washing workmanship.  We are both honored and humbled by the opportunity to be nationally recognized for our efforts to continue serving our customers during drought conditions.

How To Choose Your Charlotte Area Pressure Washing Contractor.

            For many home owners and business owners, choosing a pressure washing contractor comes down to one important factor: cost.  While cost is certainly a factor in this shaky economy, it is a grave error if one doesn’t consider the long term cost of hiring the wrong contractor versus the benefit of short term price.  Pricing, along with other factors, should guide customers in making an educated decision about which company to hire for their pressure washing needs.

Finding a pressure washing contractor begins with the ones closest to you.  Ask friends and family members for recommendations.  People that have had good experiences with a contractor are eager to tell others about their experience.  The internet is an excellent tool for researching pressure washing contractors.  You want to look for companies with professional websites that offer pertinent information about the industry.  Companies that write industry related articles, belong to professional trade organizations and offer educational resources for their customers are good signs of a professional company.  Avoid companies that bash competitors or have poor website content.  Research individual companies by looking for customer testimonials, or pictures and videos of their work. 

Try and find pressure washing companies that offer free estimates, and invite them to give a quote on services.  With the exception of unusual circumstances, a pressure washing contractor should always perform a site visit to give an accurate quote.  Quality contractors are uniformed or have visible company logos that identify them as who they claim to be.  Ask the contractor a series of questions about their company, techniques, and expectations.  Pressure washing contractors should have liability insurance, business licenses, and appropriate permissions in the event of drought conditions or other local water issues.

The contractor should provide a professional, detailed quote of services to be performed.  A common trap that customers fall into is to base their final decision on price.  Due to relatively low start up costs and false perception of how to wash surfaces properly, the pressure washing industry breeds many “part time” companies or companies that offer “add-on” pressure washing services like landscapers, painters, or handyman services.  These companies often use improper “high pressure” washing techniques that cause long term damage to siding (forcing water behind vinyl and brick), concrete (etching due to high pressure), and decks (shredding deck surfaces with too much pressure).  Their prices, however, are typically low because they don’t spend money on proper machinery, professional cleansers, or in some cases insurance.

As with any contractor, the term “caveat emptor” (let the buyer beware) is applicable.  After considering recommendations from friends and family, researching them on the internet, evaluating their professionalism, and determining their professional value, one should be armed with enough information to make an educated decision.  In the end, consumers need to feel good about how much value they got for their money, both short term and long term.



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Pressure Washing Through Time And Attitude: Separating The Pros From The Hacks.

Sometimes, it’s a learned behavior for small business owners.  Sometimes, they’re simply desperate for success or jealous of the success of their competition.  Really, I think it’s simply the inherent nature of some people.  There is a palatable “air” about some small business owners and it seems to be more prevalent in trade industries such as pressure washing.  I am referring to a particular attitude that some owners adopt where their mindset is focused so heavily on the destruction of the competition that they lose sight of what their own strengths and weaknesses are.  Unfortunately, this negative attitude can permeate every aspect of their business leading to a decrease in volume, profit, and general happiness.  Of course, this problem leads to having much more time on their hands, which results in more time to be destructive to their competition.  It’s a sad cycle that inevitably damages the industry of which they are a part.


            In my experience as the owner of a pressure washing company, I have chosen to embrace those that I consider my competition.  I learn from them, I take from them, and I share with them.  Who is better qualified to understand what goes on in my life than a fellow pressure washing company owner from the same geographical region?  I have borrowed equipment, shared jobs, referred those that specialize in areas we don’t, and have gained invaluable knowledge.  This kind of symbiotic relationship spurs growth within the pressure washing industry, ultimately resulting in more profit for everyone.  It’s why my company belongs to professional organizations like the PWNC and HBN and supports other pressure washing companies that give something positive back to their peers.


            Alternatively, there are those that just don’t get it.  They waste their time on smear campaigns, bad mouthing, or simply sabotaging the true professionals in their area.  They obviously underestimate the knowledge of their customer base as today’s consumers are very intelligent and can thankfully see the clouds through the trees.  This has never been more evident than in our growing base of customers that have migrated to our company from rivals that spend more time bashing and less time washing.  The most important thing for successful, professional companies to do is to simply ignore the hacks.  They’re a dime a dozen because it’s easy to trash other companies.  It’s easy to judge others without knowing who they are.  It’s easy to be negative.  This pattern of doing what’s easy usually translates into the quality of their work as cutting corners becomes their corporate culture, thereby defining them as the hacks they are.


Time is a commodity in the pressure washing business.  There are only so many hours in a day…spend them building your own business, not trying to tear down others.  Those that “get it” reap the benefits of a healthy, successful, profitable business that is fun to be a part of.  Those that don’t get it are destined to be frustrated, bitter, and unsuccessful.  I don’t find myself angry with those that don’t get it.  I have pity for them as they don’t know what they’re missing.  I’m sure people like this can be found in every industry, but in my industry it’s all about knowing when to reduce pressure, how to handle pressure, and where to apply pressure.  And only a successful professional with a great attitude and no time for the hacks knows how to do that.



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Pressure Washing Charlotte Concrete


Many Charlotte area homeowners that are concerned about the maintenance of their home often overlook their concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios.  These areas are prone to collecting mold, mud, oil stains, tire marks and leaf stains.  The reason they are often overlooked is because their transformation from clean to dirty is often very slow, accumulating over the course of several neglected years.  The good news is that having the concrete pressure washed properly provides instant satisfaction for the homeowner.

            A qualified professional pressure company will utilize the proper cleansers with the correct amount of water pressure and equipment to transform streaked, stained concrete into a clean sheet you can be proud of.  Homeowners should be careful to hire a licensed, insured pressure washing company that can perform this service properly.  Improper pressure washing can result in removing the top layer of protective coating, commonly called the “cream” of the concrete.  Using the wrong cleansers can burn the concrete and kill grass and landscaping.

             Having clean concrete at your home is a fast, inexpensive way to give it instant curb appeal.  Maintaining the concrete will reduce the hazards of slippery mold or hazardous oil stains.  Give your home an instant facelift!

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Why Vinyl Siding Should Be Cleaned By a Professional Pressure Washing Company.

The popularity of vinyl siding has increased dramatically over the past 10 years. The quality, durability, price, and visual appeal have made this the siding of choice for many homeowners. Just like any other major investment, the best way to ensure the quality of vinyl siding is to maintain it on a regular basis.
The very nature of siding is to protect the interior of your home by keeping exterior elements from intruding. This is a tough job, but vinyl stands up to the challenge very well. The vinyl siding on the exterior of your home is subject to pollutants, sun exposure, acid rain, mold and mildew, and many other elements. Depending on the quality of the vinyl, having it professionally cleaned on a regular basis can prevent premature degradation and keep your home looking great. Mold and mildew grow very rapidly on vinyl siding. If neglected for too long, it can cause permanent damage to your siding. Age, sun, and environmental pollutants can cause your vinyl to oxidize, giving your home a dull appearance.
A simple solution to these issues is to hire a professional pressure washing company to clean your home each year. Look for a company that specializes in pressure washing services. Many handymen, painters, and landscaping companies have pressure washing as an “add on” service. While more of a bargain up front, these companies should be avoided as improper technique and lack of chemical knowledge can result in irreparable damage to your home. Homeowners should use companies that have insurance, can provide references, and display a high degree of professionalism. Look for companies that offer on-site free estimates, have uniforms, and belong to professional organizations like PWNC.
Likewise, this is a service that “do-it-yourself” homeowners should avoid. Forcing water under the siding, use of excessive water pressure, and improper chemicals can not only cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home, but often result in physical injury to the homeowner. Getting your home serviced annually by a reputable, professional pressure washing company can keep your investment looking great, save you a lot of money and keep you from taking a trip to the emergency room.