Property Maintenance Through Pressure Washing

Disposable income is a rarity for many these days. Spending money on home improvement or repairs can be very costly, and in many cases debilitating, for families that are simply trying to keep with up with the rising cost of living. Some home improvement projects can cost thousands of dollars, and can be particularly stressful to homeowners that are trying to sell their home and are forced into making repairs to make their home more marketable.

In most cases, an inexpensive option for sprucing up your property is pressure washing. Getting rid of mold and mildew on your home can make a huge difference in its appearance. Hiring a professional pressure washing company to clean your home, deck, or driveway can create instant curb appeal. Many reputable pressure washing companies will offer free estimates. Get a jump on your Spring projects and schedule your property for a cleaning!

Check out this video on driveway cleaning to see the difference it can make for your home!


Pressure Washing Charlotte to Boost the Area Economy


During these difficult economic times many Charlotte area residents have witnessed friends and family losing jobs, losing their homes, and suffering through some tough times.  Our company, while fortunate in many ways, has also seen its share of customers with a real need to have their homes cleaned of mold and mildew that is threatening their health and safety.  Unfortunately, many cannot afford to have services like these as they have been hit hard by the current status of our economy.

In the spirit of giving back to our community, Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc. has launched a “Dirty House Contest” in the Charlotte Metro area where participants can send a picture of their home along with an explanation of why they should win the contest.  Photos and comments will be judged by management and one lucky winner will receive a FREE house wash!

Camelot has also launched a series of “giveaways” on their Facebook page to help fans win prizes.  These prizes include Visa gift cards and gift certificates for many local businesses.  It is our way of trying to stimulate the local economy and reward our fans for supporting Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc.

Camelot Pressure Washing, Inc. has also posted a website dedicated to this cause.  Visit for contest rules and regulations.  Please spread the word to anyone that may benefit from our generosity.  Sometimes, just having a clean environment or winning a small prize can boost someone’s spirits.